Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our graduating class held our grad exhibition online. In order for this to happen, a website needed to be designed. This task was assigned to the graduating class.
The branding for the exhibit was designed by Isabella Cheng.
The biggest challenge was coming up with an effective way to display the posters on the grads page. Because it wouldn't be fair to promote some students more than others, I felt that it was important to display them in a manner in which no poster is prominent than another. However, it was also important to me that the page appear visually interesting, so I did not want to fall back on a basic grid layout.
My solution was to display a sliver of each poster, and, when the user hovers over any one of them, the poster expands and begins animating. The following information also displays: the student’s name, two or three areas of expertise with one highlighted in bold, and the student’s bio. This allows people who are looking for a specific skill set to quickly identify which students can provide it, without having to read through 20+ bios or visit multiple external websites.
The hover interaction provides stimulation, and allows the user to view all posters easily, with no scrolling or clicking required.
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